My First Ever Animated Gif…4 Comics in a Booth

Last night I did a great show at Pho King Delicious in Northridge hosted by Delanie Fischer and Jose Alvarez called 9 Drink Minimum. Every comic in LA should do this show. Great, unique venue, great comics, and a great audience of CSUN students and fun folks.

Here are some snaps of me and the hosts, and the whole lineup.

9drink22 9drink33 9drinkmin

And don’t miss this hot animated GIF of four of us sitting in a booth. A nuclear physicist, a blue-blood, a lumberjack, and a baby daddy. This is a sitcom, and we’re already laughing about it.



My Wife in a Lysol Commercial!

My wife and new mom Ashlee Budds and I got picked to film segments for a series of Lysol Facebook ads showing pregnant families preparing for their first kids to arrive. The shoot took about 6 hours and it was all at our house in Burbank. It was Ash’s first time doing a real spot like this, and she did great!

Check out that laugh that starts the whole video!

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 11.05.55 AM

Not to mention, my sweet hand. You can watch the whole thing in its entirety by clicking RIGHT HERE.

There are 6 spots total, so maybe we’ll show up in some more in the coming weeks, and at some point, these might make it to TV. I’ll definitely post more stuff when it’s out!

Between this and mention of her crib on Beverly Hills Pawn, it’s really cool to think we can show our kiddo these videos when she’s older of when mom and dad were on TV.

Hot Ice Cream: Comedians Read Tweets No One Liked

This was a concept I had sort of based on Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets segment, but for comedians who want to share jokes they tweeted that no one interacted with in any way. No favs, no RTs, and def no internet laughs.

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 11.09.01 AM

We set up a black backdrop and originally it was just going to be Wendi and I reading tweets cut together in a random way like this, with little comments about what we thought of the jokes, etc. Then I asked Harry Moroz to hop in, and this is what we got:

Sure it was a little dark, but I think it added to the depressing nature of the piece, especially with the brooding piano music. The good news is, a TON of comedians showed interest in being in the next batch of these, so I think this might become a weekly Weds segment that we put out because it’s so easy to produce. Comedians are always going to have jokes no one saw/cared for, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a second chance on the Hot Ice Cream Youtube Channel!

Subscribe for more weekly videos by clicking here. We’ve got two more sets of vids coming out with just Harry, Wendi, and I, and then we’ll open the floodgates!

#BabyBudds On Her Way…I’m a Dad Next Week!

I can’t believe that just about 9 months ago, my sperm proved itself, and I felt like I legitimately won something for the first time since the 4th grade District 130 Spelling Bee!


I’ve got a sweet girl coming my way courtesy of the extreme power of my wife, and I’ve got a pile of a million books to read to her once she gets here. If I’m not blowing up on social media between now and Christmas, it’s because I’m doing real life family stuff! Thanks for being interested in my life. -RB

Hot Ice Cream: When a Couple Tries to Find “Their Song”

We shot a bunch of new #HOTICECREAM stuff this weekend, and here’s the first of the batch! It’s about how couples argue over trying to find “their song,” as you could probably guess from the title.

Wendi is more of a Edwin McCain kind of girl, and I’m more of a Cotton Eyed Joe kind of guy.

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.43.27 AM

And then there’s a nice creepy ending, as is the case with most of our little sketchies. Tube socks are always a hint at something gross.

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.42.41 AM

Here it is! Watch watch watch.

What Does a Comedian’s iPhone Notepad Look Like? A Month in Review

A lot of random folks and comics starting out have asked me over the years what my writing process was, and it changes all the time, but I primarily throw an idea in the Notepad app on my phone for starters. From there, I’ll jot it down a few more times in different incarnations before trying it verbally in conversation with friends and then on stage.

Some of the ideas I throw in my phone tank, and others become promising bits. Below, you’ll find the last month or so of ideas I’ve doodled. Some of these might not make ANY sense, be warned.

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 4.21.50 PM Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 4.22.12 PM Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 4.22.19 PM Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 4.22.27 PM

And that’s kind of how I operate. Some of these turned into tweets, others into lines I’ll never say again, ever, and a small amount will be worked in somewhere into sets I do over the next few months. I’m getting ready to record a new 30 or so in Dec, so if you like me, stay tuned for new jokes!

See Me in This Music Video for George Harrison’s “What is Life”

My friend Lale Arpaci is a seriously talented director when she’s not producing clips for MTV’s Ridiculousness! She invited me, Brigiite Valadez, Jessica Rose, Tina Sarkissian, and Dustin Pagliughi to star in her music video for the classic George Harrison song What is Life.

It turned out really beautiful, and she didn’t tell us about the reversing of all the footage, which I think adds a very cool touch to the whole project. That’s my garage at the end, I really dig when the stuff flies back into my hands.

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 1.17.35 PM

Share it and wish her luck in the contest hosted by Genero TV. The winner gets $5k!

BONUS LALE FACT! She took the picture that’s the header for my website. Girl can shoot!

My Voice in an Animated Pilot: Sweet Holy High!

A little over a year ago, I was hosting trivia at a great local bar in Burbank called The Snug on Sunday nights from 7-9pm. Over the course of about 9 months, I got to know the workers and patrons fairly well, and even became good friends with a group of five who came weekly. In that group was comedy writer and producer Jason Bice, who at the time was an AP on Wipeout, and now is a writer’s assistant on a new Seth MacFarlane show called Border Town coming soon to FOX. He’s a very funny dude and he knows how to write good comedy. He also taught himself how to use animation software to get his next project in the works, which is not at all easy to do.

That project is called Sweet Holy High, and it’s a blast to watch and be part of. It follows some Catholic high school kids and their teenage adventures, specifically, peeping in this first episode. You can watch the whole thing in it’s entirety right here:

I’m Brice, who’s kind of a puss (typecasting?) I end up in an evening gown as one point, so watch for that. My favorite line comes towards the start when I mention how I’d like to take this girl Sally to a fair, it’s gold, and was almost cut for time!

The ep also features the voices of Dian Bachar (Orgazmo, BASEketball) and Rob Kerkovich (Chasing Life, NCIS: New Orleans).

If you have animation friends or friends in the industry who might dig this, please please please share it for me. The more eyes the better, and if things go well, Bice will throw out a second episode I’ve been helping him with in the near future!

Sweet Holy High is in SESSION.

Hot Ice Cream: Bags or Cornhole?

This week’s sketch comes in the form of an argument over a classic backyard/drive-way game.

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 3.37.44 PM

Is it bags or cornhole? You decide!

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Hot Ice Cream: One Handed Woman’s Struggle

Here’s a Hot Ice Cream sketch made solo by Wendi Starling!

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 3.34.26 PM

Enjoy her bathroom struggles.

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Scorpion Pose for Ridiculousness!

Some coworkers made me do this for work. I really didn’t think I could pull it off, but my friend Shelby held my legs and let go at the perfect time.


If you thought I was that strong on my own, you’re crazy.

Brand Spanking New #TRIVIAWITHBUDDS Posters

Hey trivia players and pop-culture aficionados, check out my brand new simplified poster that will be hanging up at all my Chicago and LA trivia locations starting this week!


The bottoms of the posters will have time and date info for each bar. I used to make the posters all fancy and have a lot of text and all the rounds, but I really just want the word out about weekly trivia at the bars, in general at this point.

Remember, you can see all my current locations and how my nights work over at Come play and win some stuff!

Hot Ice Cream: The Strangest Dream

It’s Monday ! That means new sketch time. Here’s a nice short one for you.

This one was Wendi’s idea, with special sword prop from Dave Swan!


Check out his show Tuesdays in Glendale at Big Fish.

Hot Ice Cream: 9 Ways to Hold This Chihuahua

#HOTICECREAM is one of my favorite things to make, and my other favorite thing is to force my dog to make the sketches with me. Spock was made for the camera.

Special thanks to BuzzFeed Video for tweeting this out for us! Very cool. This thing started out as a Buzzfeed Parody and ended up almost being a legit BuzzFeed video.

Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 5.52.15 PM

NEW SKETCHES EVERY MON and FRI! If you want to help me make some, email me here:

Weekend Wrap-Up, Lonely Edition

This weekend, I was solo since Wednesday at my house, as Ash and her mom were on a trip to Utah. I had to take care of 3 dogs and a cat, so if I went and did something social, I could never be gone too long. At first, I invited the idea of being solo for the first time in a long time, just to try and be creative and get some random goals done. But, for 5 days of zero communication at home with anyone other than pets, it kind of sucks. The dogs don’t laugh at a new joke. They just want me to drop anything other than a tagline on them so they can eat it.

What did I do since Wednesday? Well, Thursday I went and checked out King Trivia at a bar called The Famous in Glendale with my friend Hank from work and a comedy buddy Dave Swan who hangs there a lot. I had never played King before, and I think it’s always good to check out what the “pros” are doing with their trivia nights. King and Action Trivia are the big West Coast companies that nail it, not to mention Geeks Who Drink, which I figured out makes a few million a year in friggin’ trivia hosting. What did I like better about King? I kind of like that you can double or nothing every round. That made it kind of exciting, until we decided to do it and missed one question and got ZERO for that round. We would have won 1st by a landslide if we got it, but we finished in 5th, no prize. Their questions were pretty good, but it’s all just on a mic that was very hard to hear, and no interaction with crowd. After doing it my way for 3 years now, I don’t see how it’s worth it for a bar to pay $150 a week for just someone to come in an read questions. The service being provided could be done by ANYONE, which really makes me glad that mine cannot. Sure, another comedian could do a good job on a given trivia hosting night, but I’d like to think that the people that like my trivia nights like me a bit, too. At least that’s what they tell me through drunken swearing and shot buying.

Friday afternoon, I had lunch with my old pal Mike Lebovitz from Chicago. He was in town for a week to check things out and do some shows. He met me at my house for my lunch break from Ridiculousness and brought In N Out, what a swell guy. We talked about LA vs Chicago’s comedy scene, which could go on for an ungodly amount of time, and then we shot some goofy footage for tomorrow’s #HOTICECREAM video, which is a lot of fun. It’s a Buzzfeed parody with my dog Spock, and I’m almost worried it’s not enough a parody and an actual quality Buzzfeed flick. I’ll send it to them and see what they think.

garr ryry

Friday night, I dived into more trivia, this time hosting a trivia party at a friend’s house in Covina, CA. Sean Arenas, who has been playing at a few locations over the past year, won a trivia party I gave away a few weeks back and hosted it at his house for a friend’s birthday. It was fun, I got free beers and pizza, and gave out some cards. It’s exactly what I hoped to get out of offering a party as a prize in the first place, so I’ll keep offering them down the road. There was karaoke set up in between rounds and I got to pick who sang what, which was also a hoot. There was lots of Spice Girls and Limp Bizkit, if you know anything about my “let’s make a person look foolish” tastes.

Saturday I went into work for 4 hours because we get time and a half, and I had nothing else to do. I sourced some clips and pitched some good ones of a weirdos playing weird instruments. They were fun to find. If I ever complain about my job in any way, please slap me, prominently. Saturday afternoon until the evening I finished editing the sketch from this week, featuring 8 great friends and talents that I can’t wait to show everyone. Then I played Hitman: Absolution, a game I’ve gotten back into recently. It’s great stealthy, murdery, fun. Saturday night, my friend Mike Epsenhart invited me to see the new Kevin Smith movie TUSK at the Hollywood Arclight  Theater, with a live Q and A with Smith afterwards. The movie was fun and campy, but not nearly as scary as I thought it would be based on some early reviews. The whole “guy turning into a walrus” premise is intriguing and the costume and effects were really rad, but I don’t know if I loved the film. I had no idea it was based on a random riff from Smith’s podcast, so I assume I would have loved it more if I knew the back story. The best part was the Q and A. I got to ask him a question when Clerks II came out about 10 years ago, and it was a really cool moment for me, so this was great too. He spit out a lot of advice how anything is possible if you just keep going with it, which was good to hear. He’s making a Canada-horror trilogy with some of the same characters, and I really feel like the goofy B movie nature of all three was a cool way to reinvent his career. I didn’t like Red State, but I liked this Tusk movie enough to definitely check out the next two.

It’s Sunday now and today, I’m walking the dogs for a while just to get some exercise and get out of the house. I’m also writing this blog. Then I’m going to my pal Greg Kashmanian’s to watch the Night of Champions PPV. Then I might do a mic at The Palace in Loz Feliz and hop over to Greg and Paul Laier’s show Cash Laier at The Corner Bar in Burbank, because it’s great.

Things on the horizon:

  • Getting my 25th Anniversary of Roadhouse poster finalized and listed online
  • Designing a new TRIVIA WITH BUDDS t-shirt based on the look of a retro NES game
  • Figuring out what sketches to put out next Monday and Friday, only have one left in the bank and Wendi’s hand is jacked

To end, if you ever feel lonely on a weekend, go out and try and do a lot of shit. It helps a bit. Sometime I think about how great bachelorhood might be, and then I look around and realize I don’t want anything that I don’t have right now. I’m a family guy, and I like a lot of shit and people in my house at all time. I get that from my dad. Thanks dad.

Hot Ice Cream: I Work With Boxes

Here’s our shortest #HOTICECREAM sketch yet called I Work With Boxes.

Wendi Starling wrote this one for a sketch group a few years back that didn’t like it, but we liked it, so we shot it real quick.

Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 11.30.43 AMI also had a great time wearing some weird camo durag she had in her car under a seat in this sketch. And the amazing free tank top from Arenas Promotions, of course.

Hot Ice Cream: A Racist Plays Guess Who

Did the title of this entry catch your fancy because it had “racist” in the title? I hope so!

This edition of #HOTICECREAM shows Wendi and I as two weirdos playing the classic game Guess Who. They don’t make Guess Who with actual people on it anymore, so we’re playing with like weird stuff like pizza and fish and objects so it’s not politically incorrect. But don’t worry, we made it that way.

Enjoy. And bust out the old game if you have it. And pick the character Howard. And you will win. SHARE THIS WITH A 90s AGED BUDDY!

Hot Ice Cream: Fat Hooker Video

We are finally winding down on the first batch of #HOTICECREAM videos we filmed, but don’t worry! We’ve got a ton more coming soon. Wendi tore a nerve in her finger washing dishes at 1am, hammered, so we have to re-group.

Here’s a video where she let me call her a Fat Hooker. It’s great.

Two more great videos being posted to my site this week, so make sure you’re checking back and sharing these for us! Every share helps me buy another grape. I buy a lot of grapes.

3 Fun Vine Videos

I have a Vine account, and I almost never use it. But at work on Ridiculousness, I watch a ton of Vine videos all day long, and sometimes there are some great, creative things I find. I’m going to try and hop back on the band wagon with Vining, so here are three recent ones for you to check out.

Hot Ice Cream: Boombox Breakup

We’ve all seen the 80s flick Say Anything…or at least the scene where John Cusack holds the boombox up over his head. Hot Ice Cream decided to take that concept and put one tiny flaw in it.

This was Wendi’s idea, based partly on a real breakup she went through. I’ve actually never broken up with someone on a lawn, just awkwardly on my parent’s bench on their porch.

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 10.29.57 AM

We’ve got some more really funny sketches coming your way every Monday and Friday! Also, one of our sketches might be on TV soon! Stay tuned.