Hey, I’m Ryan Budds! I’m a full-time comedian and writer from the south suburbs of Chicago currently living in LA. My jokes have aired on Fox’s Laughs, as well as grabbed attention from WGN, CBS, Time Out Chicago, and United Healthcare. I’ve hosted over 1,000 trivia nights at venues around the country with my company Trivia with Budds. Currently, I’m an Associate Producer on MTV’s hit show, Ridiculousness and a new Nickelodeon show Crashletes, both produced by Rob Dyrdek’s Super Jacket Productions.

On stage, I’m a newlywed in my 20s who talks about my daughter’s poorly planned name, my worthless English degree, and over-phallic bachelorette parties, to name a few things. I’ve opened for many notably funny comics like Dennis Miller, Zach Galafianakis, and The Wayans Brothers. I’ve performed at many great clubs including The Improv, Zanies, and The Laugh Factory and I frequent college stages like Indiana University and University of Michigan.

In 2014, I appeared in the action thriller Plane vs. Volcano as Pvt. Thatch. Additionally, I’ve appeared on hit shows like BonesRules of EngagementParks and RecreationArrested Development for Netflix, G4’s X-PlayHow I Met Your Mother (as a roller skating hipster), and New Girl. Find me on IMDB.

Oh, and I was all up in that SyFy masterpiece SHARKNADO playing leg-chomped Beach Victim #1, which got me on the front pages of Entertainment Weekly, The LA Times (next to Brad Pitt), Uproxx, Laughspin, and Good Day Sacramento.

When I’m not developing animated series with my writing partner Jason Bice, I’m co-hosting the endlessly valuable screen writing podcast On The Page with Pilar Alesandra which has over 400 free episodes for download on iTunes. When I’m not working, I spend as much time as I can with my daughter Annabelle and my wife Ashlee. Read about our family adventures on my wife’s blog, Married to Comedy.

DOWNLOAD headshots and promo right here. Feel free to use any of the above info to promote me for your event! I’d be happy to do any radio, print, or video interviews as well. Just shoot me an email and we’ll schedule it.

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