Do You Hate Dog Poop? Watch This.

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I’m one of those guys who always picks up after my dog and wonders why lots of other people do not. Worse are the people who pick up the poop in a bag and then leave the bag on the sidewalk, forever preserving what would have just eventually deteriorated. Those people are the worst. Watch […]


Take Me Home Podcast, Crestwood, IL

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My pals Tyler Meznarich and and Parker Searfoss recently had me as a guest on their unique and inventive podcast TAKE ME HOME where comics talk about their hometowns through current news articles from your hometown paper. We taped this and had a blast telling tales of my childhood, including the omission of a D.A.R.E. […]


How to Listen to Women

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Right in time for Valentine’s Day, my good friend Drew Lynch stopped by to teach me how to listen to women better. There’s a catch: ¬†Drew has a pretty severe stutter. Under his tutelage, anything is possible. Watch and learn! For more Drew Lynch, be sure to check out his website.  

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See Me in This Commercial!

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Hey friends, fans, and my mom who checks this daily! You can see me in this great new ad for a website actors can use to legitimize their profiles/resumes/clips. It’s called sidesquare. Seems pretty cool and unique, and I’m looking forward to getting setup on it. Watch for me in the starting shots of us […]

Phil Devona Ryan Budds Ice Cream

Mustache Laws #9: No Ice Cream

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Originally, I had ten ideas for Mustache Laws lined up to release throughout #manuary. I made it to nine. Number ten got lost in some footage errors and probably wouldn’t have turned out the way I wanted to anyway. The premise was that #manuary was over and Ash shaves my mustache in my sleep and […]


Manly Dad Pic 4 #MANUARY

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To end this manly dad picture segment for the month of #MANUARY, I’d like to share this pic of not only my dad, but all his male offspring lounging at the Riviera Motel in-ground heated pool area in Monticello, IN directly across the street from Indiana Beach, an old-school amusement park with a large man-made […]

Tom and Keiren Budds

Manly Dad Pic 3 #MANUARY

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Man-Dad-Pic #3 comes from a day at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL, a place I thought was a few states away in my youth but was really just an hour in the car north from Crestwood. That’s my mom and dad, a happy couple battling for who could wear the shortest shorts in […]

Ryan Budds Broom Face

Mustache Laws #6: No Spills

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It’s a new week of MUSTACHE LAWS! Things kick off for week two with an example of what happens if you spill, say, cereal in your kitchen and you happen to have a big ol’ push-broom glued to your face. Note: ¬†This was fun to shoot, but I got a lot of dusty cereal in […]


Manly Dad Pic 2 #MANUARY

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For Manly Pic of my dad #2, I dive deep into the wood panelled archives of the early 80s, years before I was born. This might be late 70s, judging by my grandpa’s leisure suit on the far right. All I know is, these three relatives of mine are looking mighty manly, and they’re probably […]


PODCAST! Listen to Me on Dead in a Pitch

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Hey podcast/movie fans, I just did a really fun podcast appearance on my pal Paul Laier’s weekly talky called Dead in a Pitch. We talked about how much we liked Wolf of Wall Street and how we don’t really understand the new Transcendence trailer with Johnny Depp. Then, we created an entire movie called “Strong […]

Ryan Budds Flirt Face

Mustache Laws #4: No Flirting

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I’ve got great moves when it comes to getting the sexy times going. Just kidding, that sentence alone should be enough to tell you that I in fact, do not have any moves. Check out this fourth video in the Mustache Laws series where I tell you all about how you can’t really flirt with […]

Ryan Budds Derek McClurg Goggles

How To Tuesday: Build a Table

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Ever wanted to know how to build a table from upcycled materials? My friend Derek McClurg finds old pieces of wood and metal and turns them into works of art. In this video, he teaches me how to build a side table out of an old window pane. There’s a great tool-grabbing montage that you’re […]