Hot Ice Cream: A Racist Plays Guess Who

Did the title of this entry catch your fancy because it had “racist” in the title? I hope so!

This edition of #HOTICECREAM shows Wendi and I as two weirdos playing the classic game Guess Who. They don’t make Guess Who with actual people on it anymore, so we’re playing with like weird stuff like pizza and fish and objects so it’s not politically incorrect. But don’t worry, we made it that way.

Enjoy. And bust out the old game if you have it. And pick the character Howard. And you will win. SHARE THIS WITH A 90s AGED BUDDY!

Hot Ice Cream: Fat Hooker Video

We are finally winding down on the first batch of #HOTICECREAM videos we filmed, but don’t worry! We’ve got a ton more coming soon. Wendi tore a nerve in her finger washing dishes at 1am, hammered, so we have to re-group.

Here’s a video where she let me call her a Fat Hooker. It’s great.

Two more great videos being posted to my site this week, so make sure you’re checking back and sharing these for us! Every share helps me buy another grape. I buy a lot of grapes.

3 Fun Vine Videos

I have a Vine account, and I almost never use it. But at work on Ridiculousness, I watch a ton of Vine videos all day long, and sometimes there are some great, creative things I find. I’m going to try and hop back on the band wagon with Vining, so here are three recent ones for you to check out.

Hot Ice Cream: Boombox Breakup

We’ve all seen the 80s flick Say Anything…or at least the scene where John Cusack holds the boombox up over his head. Hot Ice Cream decided to take that concept and put one tiny flaw in it.

This was Wendi’s idea, based partly on a real breakup she went through. I’ve actually never broken up with someone on a lawn, just awkwardly on my parent’s bench on their porch.

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 10.29.57 AM

We’ve got some more really funny sketches coming your way every Monday and Friday! Also, one of our sketches might be on TV soon! Stay tuned.

IMDB Page is Growing!

My IMDB page has really grown in the past few months after not checking it for a while! Sometimes it takes a long time for things to show up on there, I’m told, so take a gander below and see all my stuff.

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 12.30.56 PM

Some new “Self” credits from Road Hard and Beverly Hills Pawn are cool, as well as some audience warm-up on a pilot that’s on it’s way. Also, Chasing Life, Curdled, Minute to Win It, and Rules of Engagement are new.


Hopefully, it keeps growing in the next year or so!

Hot Ice Cream: Bottomless Maids

Here’s another sketch we had a blast making! I’d say this is in our top 3 so far, so make sure you take 2 mins to watch!

Here’s a hot shot of my butt if you want to frame it.

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 11.19.53 AM

Featuring the very funny comedian friends of mine Quincy Jones and Greg Kashmanian. Check those guys out, they’re always working hard doing tons of shows in LA.

2 Years Later, Another Reddit Standup Shot

A few years back right before I moved to CA, this subreddit Standup Shots got popular for a month and comics everywhere were submitting pictures of them performing standup with a short joke printed on the snapshot. I did one, but only one.

I randomly saw someone post another one recently, so I decided to check the stats on my initial attempt 600 days ago.

8,048 views! Not bad for something that took me 5 minutes.

So, I posted another one today and you can view it below. This is a joke I posted several times this past week, seeing what worked best. Twitter got 3 interactions, and the copied to Facebook version got ZERO interactions. Then, I posted it on Facebook solo later the same night, and now it’s got about 40 interactions. It’s so weird when and why stuff will all of a sudden hit.

Here it is:

Click here to comment and upvote and all that, if you do the Reddit thing.

Hope you’re having a good weekend! I’m in Vegas, and I’m sure it’s great.

Shooting Videos at MTV Offices

I had the great opportunity to be in an impromptu commercial for one of my coworker’s (Jessica Rose) websites where she teaches you how to make sweet treats.

Here’s a snap. Video coming soon.


How I Got to Be On Beverly Hills Pawn

It’s fun being on TV, even if it’s on a channel not everyone knows about or watches! My parents are included in this group, and I’m not sure they actually believe I was on anything until they check out my sister’s DVRing of the show.

A few weeks back, I got to be a guest on Beverly Hills Pawn, one of those pawn shop shows where saps file in to try and sell stuff to the shop-keeps for cold hard cash. I got the opportunity to be on the show from my friend Jean Arthur from Jean Arthur Casting, who I met on the set of Minute to Win It while I was a Production Assistant last April. SHe cast all the contestants on the show and was a lot of fun to work with everyday. After that show ended its 4 month taping, I stayed in touch with Jean, and she posted one day on Twitter about how she was looking for people to appear on some shows she was booking. I hit her up, got a spot to audition, and went to her Encino office to give it a shot. I had to explain a few examples of Hollywood memorabilia I’d like to get my hands on and why. It was just her and I in a small room with a green screen and a camera. I told a story about how my brother used to always scare me with a Michael Meyers mask when we were kids, and how I’d love to get ahold of the original mask from the first Halloween movie to really get him back. She seemed to like my audition and I left hoping I’d get some kind of job out of it.

A few months went by and I hadn’t really heard anything. Jean kept in touch with me, but I had a feeling I probably wouldn’t be on anything any time soon. However, I stayed in touch with her and some other folks from the show I had met in the office the day I auditioned and eventually started an email thread with somebody about how I was in Sharknado. They asked me if I could get any props from the movie, and I hit up The Asylum, the company that made Sharknado, to see if they had anything. They had a shark fin prop from the opening scene of the movie, signed by the cast and the director. Perfect! I sent some pictures to my contact and another few months went by before they finally locked in the item for the taping. I booked the shoot date, did it in a few hours, and had a lot of fun in the Dina Collection Beverly Hills Pawn Shop/Set. Everyone was really cool and I was really happy with how the whole thing turned out.

How did it turn out exactly? You’ll have to watch the episode and see! Look for it on Reelz on demand or DVR, they play it all the time. If you want to stream it, check out my other post on that right here.

It’s been almost 2 years since I started working on the movie, but somehow, Sharknado is still getting me work. Thanks Sharknado!

Watch Me on HULU!

There’s a great show out here in California at The Icehouse every so often called Comedy Time, where they tape your standup sets for distribution on the internet, mostly through the Comedy Time Youtube Channel. I’ve done it a few times, and you can watch several of my clips on their channel.

Also, for some reason, they decided to use me at the top of their Youtube Channel banner. Thanks Comedy Time!

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 11.49.29 AM

Just recently though, Comedy Time got on Hulu, so if you have Hulu or Hulu Plus, you can watch my jokes in a show called Stand-Up Unfiltered:  Season 1, Episode 1.

It’s online, but it’s also on your TV if you have Hulu, so give it a search and check it out!

Hot Ice Cream: Brad’s Coming?!

It’s a nice new week in California, and that means we’ve spit out a nice new sketch from Hot Ice Cream. This is our 9th! We’ve got 6 more in the bag at the moment, and we’re filming another 10 very soon. Fun times!

Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 11.13.12 AM

This sketch features the hilarious Kelly Iversen and Morgan West in addition to Wendi and I. Just like in real life, we’re all madly in love with MW. I don’t put on a tux for nothin’.

If you like this one, please share this link! We hope we’re somehow making people laugh through the internet with these ditties.

Have a good week!

Hot Ice Cream: Tramp Stamp 101

It’s Friday, which means a brand new sketch from Hot Ice Cream is up! This week, we quickly joke about tramp stamps.

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 11.30.57 AM

Thanks to the multi-talented Trevor Smith for drawing that on my back with a Sharpie. Here’s the clip:

Share this with some tramps you know! We love tramps.

Watch Me on Beverly Hills Pawn! #Sharknado

Well, here we are, a full year after the premier of the first Sharknado, and I’m still somehow getting press from 3 seconds of screen time. I’ll take it!

You can watch the entire episode of Beverly Hills Pawn that I was recently on right here below. I’m in the first 6 minutes, but the whole episode is linked if you want to watch more.

Not a bad 6 minutes on TV! Thanks to the Asylum for use of the picture and fin for the episode.

Hot Ice Cream: More Fruits You’re Eating Wrong

In response to last week’s 4 million+ hits video called 6 Fruits You’re Eating Wrong, we at Hot Ice Cream made a video highlighting just a few more fruits you might be screwing up.

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 10.20.53 AM

My house and yard were covered in fruits by the end of this thing.

It was a fun 20 mins to shoot. No real fruit was harmed in the making of this video.

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Show-Stopping with WWE’s Dolph Ziggler!

Last night I went to the first ever live WE WATCH WRESTLING podcast taping and had a blast! With all the WWE superstars in town for Summerslam tonight, one of my favorite wrestlers to watch Dolph Ziggler showed up to do a quick standup set and be a guest on the cast afterwards. I walked in with him literally saying, “That’s all for me, thanks guys!” which sucked, but his interview on the podcast was great. His two all-time favorite wrestlers are Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, which was interesting to hear.

And, I got to snap this picture with him! I asked if I could hold up the sign, and he said, “It’s not anything racist is it?” Then he saw what it said and went, “Oh that’s great.” Win!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.08.31 PM

Tonight, I’m watchin’ Summer Slam on my couch, and maybe making the wife sit through it. It should be a good one!



Hot Ice Cream: Dave Matthews Band

This Friday’s sketch from Hot Ice Cream comes from a story Wendi Starling tells at the end of the clip. Watch for it!

Featuring Ken Barnard and Natasha Pearl Hansen kicking as as a bickering couple.

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 11.05.47 AM

This was filmed in the wife’s and I’s bedroom. The bed, given to us by mom-in-law Tonya, is so big, it’s like sleeping in your own twin bed, I Love Lucy style.

Sidenote:  The wall decal above the bed took like an hour to put up when the misses and I tried doing it because she kept complaining it wasn’t straight. I kept yelling, “I’M NEVER KISSING YOUR GOODNIGHT,” to spite her, but eventually we got over it.


Grammer Nazi and Spelling Commie Video!

Every month, a show at Flappers in Burbank called Show Your Shortz has been showing some sketches I’ve done recently with Bitsville U.S.A. as part of their monthly rotation. It’s a fun little show, and it’s cool to see a live response to something you’re putting on Youtube, where you don’t usually get to see a reaction. Matthew Clark, the curator of that show, asked me to be in a  sequel sketch to a video he made called The Grammar Nazi. As an English major, I was contractually obligated to participate.

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 11.08.03 AM

Here’s the sketch in all its glory. It marks the first time I have ever spoken another language in anything.


“To Die Would Be a Grand Adventure.”

When I was a freshman in high school, for some reason, I was stuck in the library. I don’t know what it was for, probably a study hall or something. But I went on a quest to find a book to read, something real, non-fiction and quick. There was this rotating shelf of celebrity biographies right at the front of the library, near the checkout desk, placed there to hopefully garner some eyes from kids who maybe don’t read all that much. I found myself in front of this spinny thing, checking for something that might take up the hour. The book I grabbed was a biography on Robin Williams, and I read it in that one sitting. From that moment on, I realized how many of his movies had inspired me in someway, and how many I’d watched on repeat as a kid and teenager. The book mentioned other stuff, too, about his charity, his personal life, and his disposition, some of which I didn’t know about at all. I felt a connection to the guy and it was then I realized I was truly a fan of his.

Around this time, I started listening to lots and lots of standup. I watched specials, too, but audio droned in my ears from decades and decades of performances. When I found Robin’s stuff, it was like a new genre of comedy became clear to me. Jumping from topic to topic, from impression to impression, from character to character, he really opened up this whole new avenue of performing standup comedy to me. He did crowd work, some of the first crowd work I’d really ever heard, and it really made an impression on me as a guy trying to figure out how to get started in the same field.

There’s really some power to being a celebrity. People listen to you, they support you, they mourn you. But the real power comes from being a talent. Robin Williams was a talent, a guy who really offered the world his comedic and dramatic take on just about everything. He gave the world a lot of things. Things to laugh at, things to be raised on. I’ve always wanted to and still want to be that guy. Underneath any mask he was wearing, there was that piece of him that was just so genuine. He was remarkable, and he’s someone who I never got the chance to meet but feel like I’ve known all my life. If he’s not for you, then you are not for most.

In my honest opinion, it doesn’t get much better than than RW. He’s all four faces on my Mount Rushmore of comedy, all five names on my dream dinner guest list.

RIP Robin Williams, and may you never forget how to fly again.

Hot Ice Cream: Shirtless Guy with a Hose

This Monday’s edition of Hot Ice Cream features me, shirtless, as do many of the best videos on the internet. I’m also holding a hose and spraying it everywhere. This post is getting hot.

This was just one of the 10 sketches we shot at my house, but I feel like we did a decent job of making it look like we were in different places. Hey, if I’m paying rent on a house in Burbank, CA, I’m getting everything I can out of it.

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Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 10.35.46 AM

BONUS NOTE:  I needed a shopping cart for a sketch recently and figured, “there’s probably one down my street somewhere,” half kidding. Low and behold, there was one parked at the end of my block yesterday, with it’s front wheels missing. It’ll do, pig, it’ll do.

Texts from Best Friends

I had the data turned off on my cell phone for a few days because I reached my data limit. My friend Ron asked me why I hadn’t responded to any text messages last night. I didn’t know what he was talking about…until I turned my data back on today. Here they are:


These dirtbags are the best pals a guy could ask for. It’s just like that show Entourage, but they’re all fatter than Turtle, and I’m not successful yet.